The African Development Imperative (TADI) was established in 2016 to harness and leverage the expertise, skills and passions of young people of African descent at home and in the diaspora. Although our aspirations are vast, unashamedly-daring and ambitious, we understand that in order to effect the sort of meaningful change which we seek, The African Development Imperative, by virtue of necessity, must be circumspect, focused and scale its activities accordingly as lessons are gleaned from modest projects and recorded successes.

Operating at the interstices between theory and practice, TADI is best conceptualized as an NGO with robust think tank and consultancy underpinnings whose focus is on the structures, policies and resources which promote or impede youth development.  We operationalize youth as individuals aged 30 and younger who are subsisting on the periphery and for whom access to education, full employment, political participation, security and upward mobility are rather tenuous and routinely unattainable.

This dissonance between professed equality and entrenched inequality in the Global South and North informs our view of the economic, political and social difficulties confronting young people, namely underemployment, unemployment, apathy, disenfranchisement and discrimination (de jure or de facto), and the solutions proffered to tackle the direct and implicit repercussions of this lived reality.

Hence, it is our belief that 'doing', 'thinking' and 'serving others' are inextricably linked, and that enhancing our effectiveness in the domains with which we are concerned necessitates a jettisoning of a rigid demarcation between praxis, theory and service.  We view challenges, which really are opportunities in disguise, as requiring a nuanced perspective that draws from our experiences in myriad milieux, rigorous training in disparate fields, and an intentionality that is mindful of the pitfalls to which practitioners can succumb in pursuit of noble goals.

With the foregoing having been said, I urge you to visit the remainder of this website in order to better understand our values, governance structure, programs and interests.

With best regards

Adedayo Oluwakayode Adekson, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer